Duck Duck Jeep SA

What started off as as a prank in the USA, has blown over to South Africa and Jeeps are being "ducked" all over!

“Ducking Jeeps” is the latest craze to hit the tight-knit Jeep community. The concept is very simple: Jeep owners buy some mini rubber ducks, write some messages or drawings ("tattoo's") on them, and leave them on or in other Jeeps — just to make other Jeep owners smile.
The trend seems to be taking off rapidly, with tens of active Facebook groups devoted to Jeep ducking created in just the last month. There have also been countless Twitter and Instagram posts created showing “ducked” Jeeps and people out “ducking” posted recently.

How to play Duck, Duck, Jeep in South Africa:
The mission is kindness, fun, and a little creativity during the worldwide pandemic that is still continuously going on around us. Ducking Jeeps was started by Allison Parliament and a Giant Yellow Rubber Duck in Bancroft Ontario which then switched over to Canadian Rubber Ducks and has now landed in South Africa, brought to you first by 4x4JunkiesZA!

Wondering how to play locally? It’s simple! All you need is a Rubber Duck of your choosing marked with the tatoo's/hashtags #duckingjeepsza and #duckduckjeepza. Place the Duck on a Jeep! Doesn’t matter what kind of Jeep, just make sure it is visible to the owner!
Once “ducked,” if the “duckee” wishes, they can take up the cause of spreading a little joy to other Jeep drivers.