Event Terms & Conditions

Event Terms & Conditions

By joining any of the 4X4 Junkies (which includes but is not only limited to our members, agents, organizers, sponsors, advertisers, affiliates, associates and/or their families and their agents, organizers, sponsors, advertisers, members, affiliates, associates and/or their families) event/s you unequivocally agree that you have read, understood and explicitly agree to the following



    • Human safety first – no compromise.
    • Your vehicle will be roadworthy (unless it arrives on a roadworthy trailer) -and carry the necessary safety gear.
    • Any and all “ego/s” are left at the start line and may only be collected the following day – if you suffer from any “small ‘something’ syndrome” – please go somewhere else as we do not play nice with any egotism and/or egoism.
    • We are all here to enjoy the event so; no deliberate -stunts, risks, danger -or any other activity which might endanger the lives and/or property of any of the participants and/or their property; will be tolerated. (read the very first line of the next section carefully)

    • In no event and/or under no circumstance/s will the 4×4 Junkies be held liable for any injuries no matter how severe, loss and/or damage,  including, without limitation, indirect and/or consequential loss and/or damage, or any loss and/or damages whatsoever arising from participation in any of our events.
      • Thus, you explicitly agree that 4×4 Junkies will not be liable to any party and/or participant/s for any direct, indirect, special -or consequential damages and/or loss, including without limitation; any loss/damage to property, any injuries sustained, any loss of life and/or any damages relating to but not only limited to any injuries sustained, while attending any of our events. (Please read the very FIRST line under the Disclaimer section again).
    • Any suggestions, content and/or advice 4×4 Junkies might give; does not constitute any form of expert, legal -or other advice, recommendation -or arrangement and is not intended to be relied upon by you in making (or refraining from making) any specific judgement, call and/or other decision/s. The appropriate expert advice should be obtained by yourself before making any such decision/s -or using the potential information supplied for any purpose.
    • All rights are reserved – including that 4×4 Junkies may amend any of our terms and/or conditions at any time without notice and that only the latest version of such, will be legally binding upon you.


  •  OTHER
    • Right of Admission is Reserved and all the attendees unequivocally agree to abide by the particular event/venue’s rules -and the 4×4 Junkies terms and conditions at all times.
    • Participants may be required to appear on television or radio, in print publications, or online web sites to endorse, promote or advertise the goods and/or services of 4×4 Junkies.
      • However participants shall at all times be entitled to deny the above request.
      • Such must be done prior to publication with 4×4 Junkies in writing to info@4x4junkies.com.
    • These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with the Competition/s Terms and Conditions found here and the the privacy policy found here and the General Terms and Conditions found here
    • E&OE

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